Listen, Jingchu Dadi’s song of resumption of work

(Extracted from Guangming Daily, infringement deleted)

On March 18, there were 0 newly confirmed cases in Wuhan and Hubei. Just as the victory in the defense of Wuhan and Hubei was spreading, the "war" of resuming work and production was also started in an orderly manner. Listen, on the ground of Jingchu, the roar of the machine keeps coming, like the pulse after waking up, strong and powerful.
   On March 19th, Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, investigated the resumption of work and production in the Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and listened to opinions and suggestions on the spot to relieve the difficulties of the enterprises in resuming work and production. He emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen confidence, increase the sense of urgency, and gradually promote the resumption of work and production under the premise of not relaxing and grasping the prevention and control work.
   "Unstoppable" enterprises start full production and guarantee supply
   Wuhan Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and processing enterprise that produces medical masks and medical protective clothing. Since the New Year's Eve, the company has called employees back to the factory to resume work.
   "Emergency recruitment: In order to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it is necessary to expand production capacity, and we are urgently recruiting the following people..." On the evening of February 10, a recruitment announcement by Xiezhuo Company appeared in the circle of friends of many Wuhan people. Subsequently, a group of new and old employees responded quickly and came to the production line. As of February 14, the company had 587 employees and 20,080 Nissan protective suits, alleviating the tight supply of medical protective materials in Wuhan.
In fact, not only Wuhan, but the entire Hubei province, Xiangyang, Yichang, Shiyan and other places are speeding up the resumption of work and production, especially some "unstoppable" companies that produce masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention and control materials. Organizing workers to produce at full capacity to ensure supply.
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